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Established October 2011.

IVPACKS LLC was originally created to act as a direct discount pricing retailer to the medical, educational, compounding pharmacy and biotech markets worldwide. Our main focus is offering a wide selection of serum vial packaging and sterilization filters and validation media at discount prices with no annual membership fees, no monthly sales minimum and easy online ordering. Our success with ivpacks.com inspired us to create ivpax.com - a website for resellers and distributors of our products to get additional discounted pricing! 

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Worldwide drop-shipping services

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Offering the same high quality products at lower prices to customers worldwise


Ordering from you in the USA was cheaper than buying in the local shop!

Garth S., Cheshire, Great Britain (UK)

You guys give better pricing than (edited) and you clear it with Customs for us. Definitely worth the few extra dollars in shipping costs.
Gwynneth P. (Australian reseller)

Your amber vials are a little more expensive than (edited), but their vials are covered with residue and didnt stand up to the autoclave. Your amber vials were top-notch and held up to our autoclave.

Compounding Pharmacist (name withheld by request)